Monday, December 15, 2008

Catch up

Dear Santa,

I've been very good this year.

For Christmas I'd like...

topshop by bonniecakes


Finals are over: time to party

Photosource: The Cobrasnake

Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby it's cold outside



It is so cold outside, and I'm pretty sure that even just by looking at the ground in these photos you can tell.

My recent inspiration is Irina. Due to my inability to find anyone to trim my bangs, I am aspiring to get her amazing care-free look. You gotta love this woman.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Boots That Brought Me Back

My oh my, I sure did miss putting up outfit posts and updating my blog. I am so ashamed of my dissapearance. So many bloggers have such busy schedules, and still update a tremendously, if not daily. I love blogging so much and I cannot let my busy schedule get in the way.

Besides, let's be honest with ourselves; It's so much easier keeping up with all the fantastic blogs out there and all the creativity flowing out there in the blogosphere, when you are a blogger yourself. There are new things to learn about fashion and art everyday, and I could not imagine not playing a role in that.

Anyways, These are two new items that I have definitely been wanting to post. This over-size sweater is everything I can ask for in a winter knit this year. It’s flowy sleeves resemble a cape and we all know how lovely capes are. And alas, the boots. I have been eyeing these babys for months and finally they went on sale. I can already picture them with almost every item in my wardrobe. Perfect for fall and summer alike!

Favorite items of clothing I plan on posting soon: tartan dress, suspenders, peacock accesories, and black lace vintage dress.

Aside from fashion related things- I bought my very first christmas tree last year, signed up for all of the classes I need next semester and last but not least… decided to study in London the Fall of 2009! Well... what am I saying? The last two are most definitely fashion related- I got into all the fashion classes I wanted, and I'm going to be studying fashion in LONDON! Silly me.

Monday, November 3, 2008

She would know

WOW. She wore this two years ago, and I along with the rest of the world, did not part-take in this trend until this fall 2008. Need I say more? She is amazing. Anyone else stoked to get MK and A's new book?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Simple outfit/Simple Day

I was in the mood for the colors of my outfit to resemble a black and white photo.
Wearing skirt: American Apparel, patent leather ankle boots: F21, ribbed tights: F21, White v-neck t-shirt:unknown.

Thank goodness the weekend is here. I could not be more ready to celebrate its arrival and I am welcoming it with open arms. Due to my pre-excitement for Halloween next weekend, I am presenting accessories for my costume: a black widow. The funny thing about my costume is that it was inspired by pieces I already own but do not, ehem, never wear enough.

Accessory No.1: Ophelie headband. Because what female does not want to feel like an elegant woman?

Accessory No. 2: LEATHER GLOVES. Because I believe that any excuse to wear these inside deserves to be honored.

This is my favorite holiday. Age will never be an issue to me, I am always dressing up. And in honor of the weekend and the merriness it brings, I leave you all with my favorite ad campaign of the season, some French Connection inspiration.

I really think the beautiful location compliments the whole vintage-feel of the ensemble

Next mission:

destroying of my ribbed tights, and possible purchase of fishnets.

Moral of the story: tights are amazing! Have a great weekend all.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Faux Fur Frenzy


Pictured above: Shirt: Anthropologie 70.00$, Over-size Scarf: Pete & York 68.00$, Skinny jeans: f21 24.00$, riding boots: Steve Madden, 168

I'm wearing this, but I'm really craving that

Photobucket Photobucket

Lately I have been obsessing with giant faux fur collars, scarves, and jackets. These photos above have inspired me to invest in over-size fur scarves, rather than my ever-so-loved wool scarf. Thriting trip, here we come!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The weather's too nice to forget to blog.


t-shirt: forever 21 24.00$, bandage mini: lux 40.00$, patterened tights: UO 14.00$, cutout oxfords: Jefferey Campbell, 98$

Above is one of the few and random times I actually had a moment to snap an outfit photo. I need to learn to start carrying my camera around with me.

Wow, is anyone as stressed out as I am? I feel like within the span of two weeks I have attempted to become super woman, and joined about a million and one organizations/commitments/resume boosters.

Good news is, one of these commitments is a fashion show where clothing and jewlery designers from around the state are participating in. It is not a super huge production, but it’s my first time organizing a fashion show! I’ll be sure to post pictures of this. :)

I went home to Dallas this weekend, and did some major damage to my bank account. It’s a new season so thats aloud though, right? My lovely older brother/world traveler was home this weekend. He came back from Norway, and I was VERY proud to see him with new purchases that his gorgeous new swedish friend got him. He’s back in Norway today, and I am so jealous. Any of you girls living in Norway or Sweden, please tell me where I should tell him to shop for me

The last photo is something fashionable and yummy too. These are actually chocolate shoes. I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent

Brilliant Man, Beautiful Models.Does even a day go by where a reflection of his work is not present?

"The King of Fashion"

The man who has influenced the world for decades past and centuries to come.

My fashion History and Clothing Concepts class has inspired and further informed me about the wonders of this man. Flipping through the pages of W Magazine, I found this first picture above and instantly fell into a dream-like state.

Such a young and happy Yves Saint Laurent. The idea of making such a massive impression on the fashion industry and creative people around the world. I myself, have such high hopes and dreams for my future, whatever that make bring, working in the fashion industry.

I do not believe that a highly idealistic mind-set leads to unrealistic goals. My philosophy is to aim for the highest successes that life and the resources around you offer. Dreams are our true desires, and I do not see anything else that is more valuable than that.

Imitation. The best form of flattery?

My outfit inspired by the beautiful model to the right.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birthday Creme Brule

Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a skirt and a dress! I find that pairing seperates that are the same color, create the perfect fake dress. You can make about a million different “dresses” by doing so! :)

Well today is actually my birthday. Today is the day I am no longer a teen! I must say it is acually a very weird feeling.

This is what I wore for my birthday dinner/outing last night. I think purple legs were very appropriate for the occasion. We went out to this fancy Italian place and I ate until I felt like I was going to explode. After said eating-fest, I got surprised with the delicious creme brule that is pictured below. My tummy was very happy.

Some chic gifts I received from the bf were a GIANT wool floral scarf, and leather gloves. He knows me all too well. Posts with these accessories to be coming shortly!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Endless Desires

Above are some beautiful pieces on my WANT/NEED list. This fall I'm all about the capes. Bellowing sleeves are possibly the most comfortable way to enjoy the winter weather. Oh one day when I'm rich I'll be able to enjoy these pieces ( crossing my fingers!).

Another thing: What's with people making the constant comparison with over-the-knee boots as "hooker" boots. I'll have you know that this wonderful creation keeps more than half of the leg warm.

I've decided that there is nothing more fulfilling than drinking a warm tea while walking through the brisk fall air. The first day that I can do this (which ended up being today) definitely qualifies for one of the best days of the year. Winter/Fall, my closet and I are welcoming you with open arms!

I am currently listening to: Jens Lekman- Shirin

Cape: Proenza Schouler, Over-the-knee boots: Stella McCartney, Beanie: Miu Miu, Cargo Trousers: Alexander Wang, Gloves: Miu Miu

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is What My Closet Looks Like


I swear the first picture is a replica of my room! The only difference is that she makes classy look trashy. I love the colors of this spread and I find many of them to be what's inspiring my fall wardrobe. I also ordered two pairs of oxfords for my upcoming birthday, and one of them are is quite similar to the ones in the first photo. Anyways, I just found this whole photoshoot to be inspiring.

Please forgive me for no outfit posts lately, I have been having such difficulty lately with misplacing my camera. It has happened twice to me in the last week, and I must say this uneasy feeling has developed inside of me because of it. I know someone out there knows how I feel! More to come when I get my hands back on my camera.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bonjour mes amis

The day has finally come that I have made my own personal blog. I have mused and admired many blogs for quite sometime now and have finally risen to my desire of making my own fashion blog. The fashion blogging world provides such a brilliant means of consciousness and appreciation to one's individual style. I am pleased to finally contribute to such an amazing thing.

So pleased to be a new blogger I'm absolutely giddy!