Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Endless Desires

Above are some beautiful pieces on my WANT/NEED list. This fall I'm all about the capes. Bellowing sleeves are possibly the most comfortable way to enjoy the winter weather. Oh one day when I'm rich I'll be able to enjoy these pieces ( crossing my fingers!).

Another thing: What's with people making the constant comparison with over-the-knee boots as "hooker" boots. I'll have you know that this wonderful creation keeps more than half of the leg warm.

I've decided that there is nothing more fulfilling than drinking a warm tea while walking through the brisk fall air. The first day that I can do this (which ended up being today) definitely qualifies for one of the best days of the year. Winter/Fall, my closet and I are welcoming you with open arms!

I am currently listening to: Jens Lekman- Shirin

Cape: Proenza Schouler, Over-the-knee boots: Stella McCartney, Beanie: Miu Miu, Cargo Trousers: Alexander Wang, Gloves: Miu Miu


STARR said...

Hi Bonnie <3
Capes sound perfect for Fall/Winter...they make it hard to carry things though haha

p.s. linked you

mishka said...

I love over-the-knee boots, I don't understand how/why people think they look like hooker shoes! Have you bought any this year? I haven't, I don't know which ones I want!

nv said...

that jacket/cape is absolutely GORGEOUS