Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is What My Closet Looks Like


I swear the first picture is a replica of my room! The only difference is that she makes classy look trashy. I love the colors of this spread and I find many of them to be what's inspiring my fall wardrobe. I also ordered two pairs of oxfords for my upcoming birthday, and one of them are is quite similar to the ones in the first photo. Anyways, I just found this whole photoshoot to be inspiring.

Please forgive me for no outfit posts lately, I have been having such difficulty lately with misplacing my camera. It has happened twice to me in the last week, and I must say this uneasy feeling has developed inside of me because of it. I know someone out there knows how I feel! More to come when I get my hands back on my camera.

1 comment:

Snowshoe said...

lol, yeah, i routinely misplace my camera. very annoying. So glad you've joined the blogosphere! Can't wait for you to get your camera back ^^