Monday, November 24, 2008

Baby it's cold outside



It is so cold outside, and I'm pretty sure that even just by looking at the ground in these photos you can tell.

My recent inspiration is Irina. Due to my inability to find anyone to trim my bangs, I am aspiring to get her amazing care-free look. You gotta love this woman.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Boots That Brought Me Back

My oh my, I sure did miss putting up outfit posts and updating my blog. I am so ashamed of my dissapearance. So many bloggers have such busy schedules, and still update a tremendously, if not daily. I love blogging so much and I cannot let my busy schedule get in the way.

Besides, let's be honest with ourselves; It's so much easier keeping up with all the fantastic blogs out there and all the creativity flowing out there in the blogosphere, when you are a blogger yourself. There are new things to learn about fashion and art everyday, and I could not imagine not playing a role in that.

Anyways, These are two new items that I have definitely been wanting to post. This over-size sweater is everything I can ask for in a winter knit this year. It’s flowy sleeves resemble a cape and we all know how lovely capes are. And alas, the boots. I have been eyeing these babys for months and finally they went on sale. I can already picture them with almost every item in my wardrobe. Perfect for fall and summer alike!

Favorite items of clothing I plan on posting soon: tartan dress, suspenders, peacock accesories, and black lace vintage dress.

Aside from fashion related things- I bought my very first christmas tree last year, signed up for all of the classes I need next semester and last but not least… decided to study in London the Fall of 2009! Well... what am I saying? The last two are most definitely fashion related- I got into all the fashion classes I wanted, and I'm going to be studying fashion in LONDON! Silly me.

Monday, November 3, 2008

She would know

WOW. She wore this two years ago, and I along with the rest of the world, did not part-take in this trend until this fall 2008. Need I say more? She is amazing. Anyone else stoked to get MK and A's new book?