Friday, October 24, 2008

Simple outfit/Simple Day

I was in the mood for the colors of my outfit to resemble a black and white photo.
Wearing skirt: American Apparel, patent leather ankle boots: F21, ribbed tights: F21, White v-neck t-shirt:unknown.

Thank goodness the weekend is here. I could not be more ready to celebrate its arrival and I am welcoming it with open arms. Due to my pre-excitement for Halloween next weekend, I am presenting accessories for my costume: a black widow. The funny thing about my costume is that it was inspired by pieces I already own but do not, ehem, never wear enough.

Accessory No.1: Ophelie headband. Because what female does not want to feel like an elegant woman?

Accessory No. 2: LEATHER GLOVES. Because I believe that any excuse to wear these inside deserves to be honored.

This is my favorite holiday. Age will never be an issue to me, I am always dressing up. And in honor of the weekend and the merriness it brings, I leave you all with my favorite ad campaign of the season, some French Connection inspiration.

I really think the beautiful location compliments the whole vintage-feel of the ensemble

Next mission:

destroying of my ribbed tights, and possible purchase of fishnets.

Moral of the story: tights are amazing! Have a great weekend all.


Krystal said...

ahh! i love how you put the outfit together, the booties are gorgeous too!!


Susanna-Cole said...

Oh I love your outfit, those shoes especially though it is all simply superb! Also love your accessories for your costume, they are gorgeous, and so is this ad campaign! :)

Thanks also for your super sweet comment, I really appreciate it! :)


Siri said...

I love your outfit :)

VALERIE said...

ah the flapper dress is gorgeous!<3

ellainspace said...

I love the headband! it really is elegant

Yuliya Libkina said...

Great blog! Love your outfit posts :)