Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Boots That Brought Me Back

My oh my, I sure did miss putting up outfit posts and updating my blog. I am so ashamed of my dissapearance. So many bloggers have such busy schedules, and still update a tremendously, if not daily. I love blogging so much and I cannot let my busy schedule get in the way.

Besides, let's be honest with ourselves; It's so much easier keeping up with all the fantastic blogs out there and all the creativity flowing out there in the blogosphere, when you are a blogger yourself. There are new things to learn about fashion and art everyday, and I could not imagine not playing a role in that.

Anyways, These are two new items that I have definitely been wanting to post. This over-size sweater is everything I can ask for in a winter knit this year. It’s flowy sleeves resemble a cape and we all know how lovely capes are. And alas, the boots. I have been eyeing these babys for months and finally they went on sale. I can already picture them with almost every item in my wardrobe. Perfect for fall and summer alike!

Favorite items of clothing I plan on posting soon: tartan dress, suspenders, peacock accesories, and black lace vintage dress.

Aside from fashion related things- I bought my very first christmas tree last year, signed up for all of the classes I need next semester and last but not least… decided to study in London the Fall of 2009! Well... what am I saying? The last two are most definitely fashion related- I got into all the fashion classes I wanted, and I'm going to be studying fashion in LONDON! Silly me.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Just like Zooey Deschanel... <3


Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit, such clean shapes...
and I <3 your hair and your wonderful hat!
Lovely blog...

Susanna-Cole said...

Love the black and brown color combination! :) And also don't worry about the mini-dissapearence, I personally would like to know how other busy-schedule bloggers still update so frequently cause I think it's tough! ;)


VALERIE said...

LOVE your boots!!

LivreMysterieux said...

BONNIE! what! London?! That's amazing... when did you decide?!

Song of Style said...